Top 5 – worst countries for tourism

We present you the Top 5 – the worst countries for recreation, based on the safety criteria


1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan annually fights for leadership in the list of the world’s poorest countries, the largest drug market is officially registered, half of the male population and 80% of the female population are absolutely illiterate, and the average life expectancy is only 44 years, due to the catastrophic state of medicine.


2. Syria

Travel to syria

500 years ago, Syria was the center of Middle Eastern culture, where the Arabs and Christians perfectly got along, then in the last decade this country was turned into ruins. A prolonged civil war blocked all tourist flows, and the number of refugees fleeing to all corners of the world is estimated at millions of people.


3. Republic of the Congo

Republic of the Congo travel

The country where the civil war has entered a permanent phase. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has long had no sign of democracy. Every now and then, anti-government insurrections with the use of weapons and artillery flare up in some areas.


4. Columbia

Travel to columbia

The country still has the highest level of street crime, and the well-known phrase “Colombian drug lord” has already become a part of many world languages.


5. North Korea

Northen Korea Tourism

North Korea Tourism

North Korea Tourism

It’s no secret that North Korea is regularly among the worst countries for tourism. But here there is no high level of crime, no terrorist threat, no problems with drug cartels. So what is it that repels tourists from the once fraternal republic?

The main reason not to go to North Korea is the total control of all tourists. For each group of guests, a guide is attached, which tells them where to go, and where – it is impossible, what can be photographed, what can not be done, and so on. Many people are frightened of it.


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