9 tips that can save your life someday

When we hear the phrase “survival tips”, many of us imagine Robinson on the island, or Bear Grylls on his wild weekend. But there’s something that you need to know in any city or town so you don’t get in trouble.

BTLmag.com collected tips that are worth remembering not to get lost in a difficult situation.

Keys for self-defense

You can see the following advice on the Internet: To defend yourself in a street attack, you have to clamp the keys between the fingers like brass knuckles. Actually, it is not recommended to do it: you can damage your fingers. In addition, you need some time to put the keys this way, and you might not have it.

You better squeeze the keys in your hand like a knife, it will be much more efficient. Or squeeze the keys in the fist to make it heavier.

If a taxi driver is acting weird

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Write down the license plate number before you get into a taxi. If you think a taxi driver is behaving suspiciously, call anyone you know (or pretend to call), and in the course of the conversation tell your buddy you’re going in a taxi and name the license plate number.

Don’t underestimate Ixodid ticks.

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In Europe, Asia and America, ticks can carry Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis in Eurasia. Both infections are very dangerous. So if a tick has bitten you, go to the doctor and find out if you’re infected.

By the way, you can face ticks in a regular park, so be on your guard. And to get out the tick, which is sucking your blood, grab it with tweezers closer to the head and gently twist. There are also some other ways to get rid of it.

Become concerned if somebody suddenly tells that he is not going to hurt you.

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Pay special attention to the strange promises. If your companion starts to say that he will not touch you, it leads to the suspicion that he wants to do it. Such strange promises are a very troubling signal.

Just-in-case money

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Hide a bill under you phone case or back cover. It happens that you don’t have cash, and you need it, for example, to pay a taxi driver. This advice will work in case someone steals your wallet or you leave your bag somewhere.

The “crowd effect”

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If you or your friend got sick in a public place, don’t ask for help from all at once, find the nearest passer-by and contact him specifically. Otherwise, the responsibility will “spread”, that is, people would think that someone is already helping you, and everyone will pass you by.

If you are unable to open the window of a sinking car

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If your car is sinking, don’t wait until it goes under water – open the window and get out through it. But what if, for some reason, the window doesn’t open? This can happen to a car body after accident damage. Keep something heavy inside the car to break the glass at any time. It may be a fire extinguisher, a tool or something similar.

A simple safety rule on a staircase that many people forget

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Never keep your hands in your pockets, while you go up and down the stairs. If you suddenly start salling, your hands will help a lot. Well, if fall is already inevitable, draw the knees up to the chest, protect your head.

If you think that something is wrong, don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to be rude.

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Feel free to give up the company of a person, who seems strange to you. If you are afraid to go in the same elevator with a suspicious neighbor and feel that something is going wrong, don’t do violence to your instincts just to not offend him.

If he doesn’t understand the word “no,” tell him loud and clear: “I’m sorry, but I got to go the other way!”

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