8 stories about the nicest actor in Hollywood [Keanu Reeves]

Keanu Reeves is very different from many Hollywood actors, and his humble way of life and difficult fate produces a huge amount of rumours. But one thing for sure — he’s a wonderful actor and an extraordinary person.

BTLmag.com decided to collect some true stories about Hollywood’s most mysterious actor, for which he deserves respect.

  • He was born in a dysfunctional family: his father left them when Keanu was 3 years old, and later his father was arrested for selling drugs. His mother moved first to Australia, then to the United States and Canada, during which time he had several stepfathers. Because of all the moving Keanu often changed schools, and his dyslexia made education even harder. In his childhood he dreamed of becoming a hockey player, but the injury didn’t let him do it.
  • His beloved Jennifer Syme died in a car accident, and they lost a child shortly before. Since then, Reeves has had no serious relationship. And his best friend, River Phoenix, died from drug overdose.
  • They say he’s refusing big roles if he thinks the character is too cruel. In his time, Reeves cur his fee by $2 million, so that Al Pacino could play in “Devil’s Advocate”. Later he did the same for Gene Hackman.
  • Reeves’ younger sister had leukemia, and he donated a substantial portion of his remuneration from “The Matrix” for her treatment and the fund to fight leukemia. It is uncommon for Hollywood stars, but he doesn’t have a lot of things, he has no security staff, and you can often see him in the subway.
  • Four years ago, Keanu bought himself a muffin and coffee on his birthday, and any passers-by could congratulate him. And this is also a defining feature of Reeves: he refers to himself with a pinch of self-irony.
  • Reeves travels in public transport, and he will offer a seat if you need it.

  • One day two guys illegally visited Los Angeles on the spot, where the famous Hollywood letters are, and on the way back happened to be in the yard of Keanu, who listened to Metallica and was busy with his bike. They asked him how to get out and flag down a taxi, and Keanu showed them the way out and apologized that, unfortunately, he couldn’t give them a ride because he was all covered in dirt.
  • And remember his own words: “A picture can tell a thousand words, and none of them can be right. Or true. I’m absolutely a very happy person.”

keanu reevesImages:INFphoto

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