15 really useful tips on how to get in shape without doing anything extraordinary

BTLmag.com prepared tips that won’t make you sleep in the gym, eat barely nothing and dine with a calculator. These are minor changes that will ultimately lead to a real result.

Wait for 10 minutes

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Studies show that the desire to eat something lasts for an average of 10 minutes and then disappears. As soon as you want to chew something, start a 10-minute timer in your mind. At this time, take care of yourself or, for example, read some interesting article on our website.

It is harmful to sit for long

Inactive lifestyle slows down your metabolism – that’s a fact. But a quick walk to another floor or to get some tea or coffee at least once per hour will improve the situation. It is even better if you spend 2 hhours per day standing. When we sit, we spend about 100 kcal per hour, and when we stand – 140 kcal. Just remind yourself about it.

Drink water
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It’s very simple. Our body often confuses hunger and thirst. So the next time you feel hungry, try drinking water or cold tea first. If you still feel hunger 10-20 minutes later, you can start eating.

Others drink soda, you don’t.

It’s probably not worth writing a long article on the influence of carbonate beverages and juices again. Honestly, these drinks can destroy all the results you’ve already achieved and spoil your shape. One litre of coke contains at least 90 grams of sugar! It’s not worth it, just drink water or tea.

It is better not to pig out
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They say you need to eat “slowly and steadily”. The thing is, once you need to eat, don’t eat on the run and never hurry. Set the table, put the dishes, flatware, put the food in standard portions, sit down, and then … eat, savoring every bite, like it is the last one.

Protein is good

There are several special protein-based diets. The protein is known to retain a sense of satiety longer. So if there’s more high-protein and low-fat foods for breakfast and lunch, you won’t be hungry for dinner.

If you train – choose cardio
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Cardio activity is just right for those who go to the gym or enjoy fitness. The main task after the holidays is to get rid of accumulated fat. And cardio are best for fat burning since it engages the maximum number of muscle groups.

Choose a smaller plate
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It’s just numbers, but we’re going to eat 22% less food if we take a plate that is 5 cm smaller in diameter. Just because the empty space on it is going to end much faster.

Don’t call the elevator.

Stairs is a good alternative for those who don’t like long running. We spend about 150 kcal by walking up and down the stairs for just 15 minutes. And if you do it every day, during the week it accumulates to about 1050 kcal. Is your hand still reaching the elevator button?

Wait with alcohol
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In addition to the fact that alcohol itself stimulates your appetite, it contains calories too. A glass of wine is 85 kcal, a big beer is 150-200 kcal. And the worst choice is cream-based liqueurs. For example, “Baileys” is like a full dessert: 100 ml — 327 kcal. Therefore, drink soft drinks if you want to lose weight.

Why give up pizza?

Want pizza? Why not. A few pieces of vegetarian pizza on a thin crust will do much less harm than a pizza with pepperoni, Italian sausage, or other heavy toppings. You will feel satisfied and won’t eat too many calories.

Take the right popcorn to the movies
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In addition to the usual caramel, salt, sweet, and cheese popcorn, there’s an ordinary popcorn without additives. It contains 2 times less calories, and is rich with antioxidants and fiber. It’s the kind of delicious and healthy popcorn you have to take to the movies. Moreover, you can bring your own food to many cinema places – for example, you can buy a healthier option in a supermarket nearby.

Bowling with family

If it is impossible to make your family go outside during a cold winter weather, try visiting bowling. Just 2 hours of a regular game will get rid of 500 kcal. Your grandparents will like it too.

Dancing till morning
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Have fun on the dance floor instead of sitting behind the table. Only two hours of dancing are 650 kcal and a nice workout for your thighs and glutes. And don’t forget to drink more water: approximately 200-300 ml for every 20 minutes of dancing.

Stretch your cleaning

The guests are gone and you want to roll up the sleeves faster, get a duster and clean up the whole thing? Don’t hurry. Split the task into days: clean the living room today, the kitchen – tomorrow, the bathroom – on the day after, and so forth. I bet you’ve already heard that only trainings that last 45 minutes are considered effective. The same applies here. You’ll spend a lot more calories if you clean up for 30 minutes during a few days.

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